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I have this painting by John Kacere as a print on my bedroom wall along with many more of his paintings.



  • A list of things that no one says and the writer just pulled out of their goddamn asshole


is quinoa nice? what’s it good to eat with?


Track: Sad Beautiful Tragic
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Red Tour Acoustic Song


“I put out an album pretty much this time last year called “Red”. Did anyone buy it? Thank you so much for doing that, I really appreciate it. It’s an album that I’m really proud of and I’m so glad that you welcomed it into your life. On the last night of the Red Tour I kind of want to play a song from Red that I never really played live. But it’s a song that means a lot to me, because I think that, you know a lot of the time you think about love you think about how it was to have a happy ending for it to count. But this a song that I wrote a love that didn’t have a happy ending, but it’s still worth writing about and it’s worth singing about. This is called Sad Beautiful Tragic.”


oh fingers crossed i’ll be in paris for my birthday !



Jay Watson of Pond @ The KOKO 10/06/14


every time alexa chung leaves her home the daily mail write an article about it and the headline is always

Alexa Chung Bares Her Painfully Thin Legs In NYC


The only thing that could possibly make today better is if i-D emailed me and offered me an internship